Welcome to Leevin Design & Fabrication


Leevin Design & Fabrication was founded in 1999 as a typical "Mom & Pop" style small business.

Drawing on over 20 years worth of experience in the welding & custom steel fabrication industry, we started out catering primarily to the local custom "wrought Iron" enthusiasts who were looking for that high quality personalised touch. A company that was able to capture a clients own personal vision & bring it to life in an ornate, unique, yet functional way.

As with many things in life...word soon spread. Our open minded approach, vision & attention to detail caught on with several local custom motorcycle enthusiasts. Which lead to a seemingly endless lineup of customers looking to make their motorcycle stand out in a crowd.

Through this increased exposure, attention was further gained by a locally based national freight carrier. This carrier was looking for a way to increase productivity, lower operating costs & to improve on employee as well as public safety.

Ultimately leading to the development of the "SRS200-S Avalanche".

The wise choice in cost effective, snow removal for the trucking industry since 2003.